High Pressure Boosters - N Series

  • Series N
  • Initial pressure up to 13 bar - final pressure up to 45 bar
  • Delivery: 0,27 - 20,51 m³/min
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    It is not uncommon for a booster to achieve a maximum pressure of 40 bar, but this once standard figure can now only be considered as second best. KAESER booster systems are in a class of their own however, as they are the product of decades of experience in compressor system design and guarantee continuous delivery at 45 bar.

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    KAESER compressor block

    Designed and manufactured by KAESER, the high-pressure compressor blocks are available as two or three cylinder models and operate at low speed to ensure years of reliable and efficient service.

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    High quality cylinder

    Every KAESER booster is equipped with super-precision cylinders, each finished by a special process to ensure minimum oil consumption and negligible wear for maximum durability.

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    Low temperatures

    Three-cylinder models are equipped with a fan-assisted after-cooler to ensure lowest possible compressed air outlet temperatures. A water-cooled after-cooler version is available to achieve even lower “Delta T” results.

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    Energy-saving motors

    Needless to say, all KAESER N series compressors are equipped with premium efficiency IE3 efficiency class drive motors.